Every superhero has an origin story, that moment in time where they made a choice to fully own they super powers and what they can bring to the world. I believe that leaders have an origin story too, let me share you mine. For over fifteen years, I was always a high performer and serial achiever pretty much everywhere that I worked whether in small companies or big multinational corporate environments.  I always enjoyed taking leadership roles and I learned early to not worry too much about titles and just step into my personal leadership and take initiative that made sense and would make a difference for the business.

Through all those years, I worked in many different companies and made sure the projects I worked on were highly successful. Around 2010, I changed jobs and in that year my work life took a very dramatic turn. In this new company, everything I did that made me a leader in the past turned against me. Everything that helped me make the teams around me successful somehow became interpreted in the completely opposite way but I was the same person doing what I felt were the same things.

That year was a turning point for me as it made me take a closer look at my personal leadership style. Where my intentions clear to everyone? What I supporting people and taking them where they were at or did I occur to them as if I was too demanding of them? It was a very painful year professionally, imagine for a moment having been Superman for so long and having someone stuff a bar of kryptonite in your pocket without your knowledge.  That is how the situation occurred to me at the time.

And so slowly I became more aware of things like being intentional and the need to be a more conscious leader. Stepping away as a leader and looking at the bigger picture instead of remaining caught in every day concerns and the need to achieve. I was also at a point in my career where I was more of a mentor for certain people and that came with some responsibilities and growth as well. I left that company after a year, it was my shortest stay ever in a company but looking back, that year caused the breakdown that followed helped me become the leader I am today.

Since I started working at Pyxis Technologies, I experienced a lot of personal growth as a person and I became more of a coach and a teacher than just another expert. I wrote a lot about my leadership journey on my other website provokingleadership.com and in different ways I continue talking and experiencing this journey in the articles I write and the speaking engagements I do.