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Agile 2015 – Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams

This year, I had the opportunity to present my “Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams” talk at Agile 2015 and they selected my session to be recorded. You can see the recording of my session below:



Agile 2015 – Using Change Canvases w/Jason Little

This interview was originally published on the web site in August 2015.

In 2014 at the Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour conference, I saw Jason Little present about a tool he called the Team Change Canvas pulled from his book “Lean Change”. I was very intrigued at the time by how I could potentially use this tool to support the change we were bringing to teams with one of my clients.

After experimenting with the tool for six months, I reached out to Jason earlier this year to thank him for presenting the tool and to let him know I had used it with multiple teams this year. He invited me to do an interview for his web site and as we were both going to be at the Agile 2015 conference, we spent some time together and recorded the interview there.

You can the results on this interview page on his website or you can watch it below.


Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams – InfoQ

InfoQ recently posted the video recording from AgileTour Toronto 2013 when I did my Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams talk.  You can view the video by following <a href=”” title=”InfoQ – Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams video”>this link</a>.

Spending some time provoking leadership

I miss my website! I went on a bit of a tear last fall writing about Tribal Agility. I will complete the series, I have more posts to put up on the topic. If it seems quiet here, it is because I spent much of the month of January writing either for Web and PHP Magazine or the new website of my TL Approval Process at! Our goal on that site, is to write articles to provoke leadership around us. If you are curious, I invite you guys to come and read my posts there as well, you will find different style of Steffan that is a bit more edgy. This site will continue to live on, there is more Tribal Agility coming in the next few weeks!

Republished on the CultureSync website!

I mentioned in one of my blog articles that I was trading e-mails with Dave Logan, one of the authors of Tribal Leadership, about the Tribal Agility articles I wrote for my website last month. This discussion turned into some articles getting republished on the CultureSync Website! To see where you can access the articles on their site, I invite you to read on!

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Identifying the stage of your agile team

What stage does your agile team gravitate around? Are you leading a Stage 2 team where the center of gravity is life sucks? Or are you in a tribe of high performing Stage 3 achievers that do not play well together? This week, as part of my continuing series of articles supporting my Tribal Agility talk, I will present some easy signs to help you identify the current stage of your Agile team. To learn more about these signs, you will have to read on.

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How to build triads on Agile teams

In my last blog post, I wrote an introduction to triads. The popular question I got by e-mail from a few readers was: “Nice idea, but how do I apply this in real life?”  As part of my continuing series of articles to support my Tribal Agility talk, I will write about building triads in agile teams this week.  Are you working in an Agile environment with a stage two tribe?  Would you like to use triads to break through collaboration barriers?  To learn more, I invite you to read on.

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An introduction to triads

I wrote about joining a triad for the final stage of the Tribal Leadership approval program. Putting three people together to carry out a project may sound nice but what does it mean exactly? What does a triad do? As I am preparing a talk for next month titled “€œTribal Leadership for Agile Teams”€, I decided to write an introductory piece to help feed the content of my presentation. If you want to learn more about triads, I invite you to read on.

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