Challenges of Distributed Development

This is an article I submitted back in the summer of 2007 for publication in DDJ magazine on the challenges teams meet when doing Globally Distributed Development. They took the nibbles that were interesting to them and turned it into a sidebar article in the August 2007 issue. This is the full version of the article I submitted. I originally wrote this in the mindset of being the master team. I’ve been working remotely with a team for the last year, it would be interesting to revisit this topic from my new point of view.

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Challenges of Distributed Development (DDJ published version)

This article is the stripped down version of an article I submitted for the August 2007 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal.  I had submitted a full article but they had already selected the one they wanted to publish for their issue.  They liked what I submitted though and decided to publish part of it as a sidebar to the article on globalized distributed development.  This is the first article I ever got published anywhere.  One day, I will publish the full version on this website.

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