The book Tribal Leadership introduces five stages that represent a range of behaviors that tribes (ie.: groups of 20 or more people) act and think together. These stages range from Stage 1 where “Life Sucks!” to Stage 5 where “Life is Great!”. Effective leaders need to understand the different stages at work in their teams in order to help them move forward and foster high-performing teams.

We can customize presentations around this topic to cover the following topics:

  • Introducing the different Tribal Leadership stages
  • Understanding how these stages apply in the context of management and leadership teams
  • Recognizing the impact of individual leadership styles and their impact your organization
  • Recognizing the stage of teams and helping them work past it
  • Building effective triads and use them as support structures to lead change
  • Using the default and invented future to drive change
  • and more…

Steffan’s work really brings together the worlds of Tribal Leadership and software development in an interesting way. I think highly of him and how he brings these worlds together in a clear and simple way.
-Dave Logan, co-author of the NY Times best-selling book Tribal Leadership