Since 2009, I have been giving public talks at various conferences and user groups.  I am more than just another speaker, I am a passionate storyteller.  I deliver a lot of my talks using real-life stories from the various teams I encountered over the years.

Are you looking for an inspiring and engaging speaker for your next event? Are you in the Montreal or Ottawa area and are looking for someone to give a talk to your teams? Do you have a podcast and are looking for someone different to have on your show?

Aside from the existing talks featured on the website, here are some other topics I love to talk about:

Theme Description
Agile Agile practices are much more than just a fad, they offer an opportunity to build new partnerships and increase collaboration in your organization as well as accelerate time to market and reinvent how you do business with your customers.Whether you need an introductory talk for your management team or a talk on a more specific topic for your teams we can design something together that meets your needs.
Distributed Teams Working with distributed teams brings all kinds of challenges from language and cultural differences to learning how to work together more effectively despite timezone differences. If those points are not hard enough, imagine how interesting things can become when you add agile practices to the mix.Leveraging my experience with working with distributed teams with content from book I co-wrote, A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum, there are many topics I can present for your organization.  What distributed challenges are your teams facing?  Let’s explore!
Tribal Leadership The book Tribal Leadership introduces five stages that represent a range of behaviors that tribes (ie.: groups of 20 or more people) act and think together. These stages range from Stage 1 where “Life Sucks!” to Stage 5 where “Life is Great!”. Most software development teams (and most workplaces) live in the three stages in between.From introducing the stages to help leaders better understand the current stages at work in the organization to experiential workshops around triads there are many different topics we can explore together. What stage are your leaders working from? How can you build stage four tribes in your organization? Let’s explore the possibilities!
Authentic Leadership There is a crisis in the workplace! More and more, we hear about companies trying to create workplaces that meet the needs of the new generation of employees that want to feel more involved and engaged. How can you bring the leadership this new generation of employees needs? What is your way of being as a leader? Let’s explore!


Sample Slides

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