What I enjoy the most in coaching is helping people discover their own greatness and empower them to bring their gifts to the world!

My coaching journey

My personal journey towards coaching was a rather unexpected one for me.  I spent over fifteen years working with software development teams in various roles from developer, to software architect, to different types of leadership roles.  My leadership style was based on leading by example by being a high performer and by helping the people around me communicate and collaborate more effectively.  I worked with distributed teams for over five years and this made me very curious about people and what makes them tick.

Around 2009, I reached a point in my career where I wanted to start giving back to others and help them become better.  All of a sudden, I realized that I was becoming more of a big brother and a mentor in the teams I worked with.

A crucible moment in my life was the year that I worked at TD Insurance after leaving IBM.  That year occurred to me as if everything that I used to do that helped me be successful in my career all of a sudden stopped working for me.  I left that company after a year but during my time there, I started becoming much more curious about my impact on others.  I also learned to become a lot more spacious in how I brought ideas and suggestions to the table.

In 2011, I started working at Pyxis Technologies which allowed me to work with teams in many different organizations.  Working with various teams in my first year with the company, I learned once again that a new kind of personal leadership was in order if I wanted to have more of a lasting impact on the teams that I coached.  I went through a two-year journey of self-discovery and awakening.