Capacity Matters in Sprint Planning –

The biggest challenge many teams new to Scrum face is to understand when they are over-committing themselves during the sprint planning meeting. Before doing any sprint planning, the first thing teams should do is identify their sprint capacity, which is the number of hours they are available to work on backlog items during the sprint.

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Product backlogs for distributed teams –

As part of the promotion for “A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum”, I co-wrote an article last month with Elizabeth Woodward for (originally>. We wrote about how to create, prioritize, size and groom the product backlog with distributed teams.

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Agile planning in real life – IBM DeveloperWorks

Back in January of this year, I started writing an article on the basic of agile planning. I was originally writing this as educational material for my team but felt it could be something publishable… So, for your reading enjoyment, you can find it on DeveloperWorks by clicking here.

There are some differences between what I wrote and what they published so eventually, I’ll put up the original version of the article on this site.

Challenges of Distributed Development

This is an article I submitted back in the summer of 2007 for publication in DDJ magazine on the challenges teams meet when doing Globally Distributed Development. They took the nibbles that were interesting to them and turned it into a sidebar article in the August 2007 issue. This is the full version of the article I submitted. I originally wrote this in the mindset of being the master team. I’ve been working remotely with a team for the last year, it would be interesting to revisit this topic from my new point of view.

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