Journée Agile 2016 – La crise de leadership silencieuse (French)

J’ai eu le plaisir cette année d’être le conférencier principal pour la conférence Journée Agile 2016 à Namur en Belgique. Merci aux organisateurs de m’avoir invité à présenter pour vous!

Voici l’enregistrement vidéo de ma session sur Youtube.

Agile 2015 – Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams

This year, I had the opportunity to present my “Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams” talk at Agile 2015 and they selected my session to be recorded. You can see the recording of my session below:



Agile 2015 – Using Change Canvases w/Jason Little

This interview was originally published on the web site in August 2015.

In 2014 at the Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour conference, I saw Jason Little present about a tool he called the Team Change Canvas pulled from his book “Lean Change”. I was very intrigued at the time by how I could potentially use this tool to support the change we were bringing to teams with one of my clients.

After experimenting with the tool for six months, I reached out to Jason earlier this year to thank him for presenting the tool and to let him know I had used it with multiple teams this year. He invited me to do an interview for his web site and as we were both going to be at the Agile 2015 conference, we spent some time together and recorded the interview there.

You can the results on this interview page on his website or you can watch it below.


PME en Actions – 16 Mars 2015

Voici le vidéo de ma seconde entrevue à l’émission PME en Actions au Canal Argent en mars 2015. Lors de cette entrevue, je discute des défis de faire du développement d’affaires dans une ville autre que celle dans laquelle je vis.


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