Virtual Not Distant Podcast 79: Building Capacity in Teams and Systemic Coaching

In this episode, Pilar talks to Steffan Surdek about building capacity in teams, what is systemic coaching and why he became involved in writing a book about distributed SCRUM.

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Leadership Unleashed Podcast: Agile Leadership for Teams

Steffan Surdek, an organizational coach with Pyxis Technologies, teaches teams to adopt an Agile approach to their workflow. He is the agility master and his focus is on building collaborative teams in software development.

Steffan shares his own pitfalls as a leader and consultant along with his favorite experiential exercises. Listen to hear how to create a safe place to experiment and make mistakes. He helps you learn how to come from a place of non-judgement. They discuss Agile philosophies and the difficulties consultants often face when coaching client organizations to confront their own resistance to change.

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Agile Talk Podcast – June 2011

I committed to deliver this podcast as one of my outcomes from my Tribal Leadership Intensive One class. I struggled for months to record this and make it sound right, in the last four weeks I pushed through and made it happen! I am so happy and proud to finally put this out on the website!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to finally introduce Agile Talk, my monthly podcast discussing my experiences using agile methodologies.

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TechTarget Podcast – Continuous integration, automation and test-driven development explained

In this audiocast interview, Steffan Surdek talks briefly of the IBM Press book he co-authored with two other IBMer’s, “A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum.” He describes three key concepts: continuous integration, automation and test-driven development (TDD) and how they can lead to higher quality for software projects, regardless of methodology or team distribution.

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