An introduction to triads

I wrote about joining a triad for the final stage of the Tribal Leadership approval program. Putting three people together to carry out a project may sound nice but what does it mean exactly? What does a triad do? As I am preparing a talk for next month titled “€œTribal Leadership for Agile Teams”€, I decided to write an introductory piece to help feed the content of my presentation. If you want to learn more about triads, I invite you to read on.

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Communication in a distributed world –

Technology for distributed collaboration for application lifecycle management has come a long way in the last few years. Email and conference calls used to be the main ways to allow team members to work together across great distances, but that is no longer true. Here project managers will learn about some modern day uses of tools that will have your virtual team members communicating as effectively as if they were sitting face to face…

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Capacity Matters in Sprint Planning –

The biggest challenge many teams new to Scrum face is to understand when they are over-committing themselves during the sprint planning meeting. Before doing any sprint planning, the first thing teams should do is identify their sprint capacity, which is the number of hours they are available to work on backlog items during the sprint.

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Agile Talk Podcast – June 2011

I committed to deliver this podcast as one of my outcomes from my Tribal Leadership Intensive One class. I struggled for months to record this and make it sound right, in the last four weeks I pushed through and made it happen! I am so happy and proud to finally put this out on the website!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to finally introduce Agile Talk, my monthly podcast discussing my experiences using agile methodologies.

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