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Virtual Not Distant Podcast 79: Building Capacity in Teams and Systemic Coaching

In this episode, Pilar talks to Steffan Surdek about building capacity in teams, what is systemic coaching and why he became involved in writing a book about distributed SCRUM.

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Leadership Unleashed Podcast: Agile Leadership for Teams

Steffan Surdek, an organizational coach with Pyxis Technologies, teaches teams to adopt an Agile approach to their workflow. He is the agility master and his focus is on building collaborative teams in software development.

Steffan shares his own pitfalls as a leader and consultant along with his favorite experiential exercises. Listen to hear how to create a safe place to experiment and make mistakes. He helps you learn how to come from a place of non-judgement. They discuss Agile philosophies and the difficulties consultants often face when coaching client organizations to confront their own resistance to change.

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Agile 2015 – Using Change Canvases w/Jason Little

This interview was originally published on the web site in August 2015.

In 2014 at the Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour conference, I saw Jason Little present about a tool he called the Team Change Canvas pulled from his book “Lean Change”. I was very intrigued at the time by how I could potentially use this tool to support the change we were bringing to teams with one of my clients.

After experimenting with the tool for six months, I reached out to Jason earlier this year to thank him for presenting the tool and to let him know I had used it with multiple teams this year. He invited me to do an interview for his web site and as we were both going to be at the Agile 2015 conference, we spent some time together and recorded the interview there.

You can the results on this interview page on his website or you can watch it below.


How learning by doing speeds up learning – Cutter Consortium

This article was published as an Executive Update by the Cutter Consortium in June 2015.

How can we resolve the polarity in organizations between the need for learning versus the need for producing results? How can we foster a culture that allows taking the time to learn and try different approaches despite the ever-present focus on results? This Executive Update explores learning by doing from different angles and attempts to shine a light on various ways that teams and organizations can speed up their learning curve by consciously taking action and learning from the results.

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The Silent Leadership Crisis – Cutter Consortium

This article was published as an Executive Update by the Cutter Consortium in April 2015.

There is a silent leadership crisis going on right now in many workplaces around the world. The generation shift taking place in the market and the changing needs of the current workplace, including software development teams moving to Agile and its model of “servant leadership,” are forcing an older generation of leaders to evolve their leadership styles.

This Executive Update explores this leadership crisis from different angles and attempts to point toward areas where leaders can observe their own behaviors and consider new possibilities.

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Near-Agile Software Development Before Agile – Cutter IT Journal (October 2014)

Cutter IT Journal published one of my articles in their October 2014 issue. They are graciously offering the article for free to people using the link below. I invite you to download the article by using the link and get a free sample of what their magazine looks like.

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Cette mystérieuse boîte nommée « Agilité » – Lime (French)

Il m’arrive régulièrement de me questionner sur les raisons pour lesquelles les entreprises décident d’adopter l’agilité chez eux. Lorsque je pose la question à divers interlocuteurs, voici quelques-unes des raisons populaires que j’entends :

  • « Nous désirons responsabiliser nos équipes et augmenter l’engagement de nos employés »
  • « Nous désirons livrer nos solutions sur le marché plus rapidement »
  • « Nous désirons livrer au côté affaires des solutions qui répondent à leurs besoins »
  • « Nous entendons parler d’agilité par nos clients et il faut suivre la vague »

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Finissez vos projets plus rapidement – Lime (French)

Laissez-moi deviner… Vous travaillez dans une entreprise et vous participez à dix projets simultanément. L’équipe de gestion de l’entreprise entend parler de l’Agilité partout sur le marché, trouve ça cool et veut suivre la vague. Malheureusement pour vous, leur compréhension de l’adoption de l’Agilité ça veut aussi dire que votre équipe et vous devez continuer de travailler sur tous vos projets en même temps.

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