Tonight was my second night for the Tribal Leadership Intensive One course. I experienced mixed feelings at the end and was unsure if I should post about it tonight. Life is not perfect, so I will share my opinion. If you want to know my thoughts, then read on.

Note: I am really uncomfortable writing this tonight because honestly, I did not like the course tonight. I will first discuss what I did not like and then focus on the positive. Someone told me recently it takes bravery to communicate openly like this on a blog. I usually do not feel that way, but tonight, I notice that posting this is harder than usual.

One thing I liked about the session last week was we had slides we could use to follow along in the session. The slides were also helpful when doing the homework last week. Tonight, I logged on to my account on the web site and found there was no slide deck for tonight. Honestly, I found the class very painful without them. The trainers talk through parts of the material too fast for me to take notes. So tonight, I find myself hoping I can trace down some of the stuff in the Tribal Leadership book I bought a few weeks ago. I came out of the course really frustrated tonight.

The other thing I did not like was the amount of time spent on reviewing the homework. I am not sure how much value it brought in the way we did it, but it still took 30-40 minutes to get through that part of the call.

On the positive side of the equation, as of tonight, I am officially part of my first triad. Robbin, Ray and I will partner together until the last course to help one another meet our goals. It also means we will have a weekly thirty-minute conference call to talk through the course material and homework for the week. In one of our breakout sessions, we had a great discussion about Greatness vs Excellence… We came to various conclusions throughout the discussion:

  • Excellence is something you strive for
  • Greatness are the steps you take to achieve Excellence
  • It takes a lot of Greatness to reach Excellence
  • Excellence grounds itself in your value and beliefs

The trainers discussed how greatness is a mindset. See the greatness you want, then immerse yourself into those thoughts and make it happen. During that discussion, I realized that to me, that greatness is what I do on my web site. It is not perfect, but I work hard to make sure I meet a certain quality bar with whatever I put on here.

This week, our homework is to notice stuff… I am noticing right now the lack of slides this week is still irritating me as it is such a short class, to me, there is no reason for that. As part of my day job, I build training materials for courses, lunch and learn sessions and other presentations. When I get slide decks from other trainers, I critique them in my mind and try to find ways to make them better. Part of me is starting to wonder how I could help improve the materials for this course.

Another thing I learned tonight was on the EARN scale I was talking about in my last post. I equated the rejuvenation to rest and sleep which is usually one of my problem areas. I learned tonight that rejuvenation is also finding ways to get away from what is bugging you in your life. So watching television for an hour counts towards that, so does playing WII with my wife… So does spending 3h writing a blog post if that does it for me! I should score a bit better next week… 😉

I wanted to thank all of you from the group who follow this on the side and send me the occasional e-mail or linkedin comment with thoughts. I appreciate you taking the time to read what I have to share. I am going to do some thinking this week about greatness vs excellence and see if I can come up with thoughts on that for later this week.