I mentioned in one of my blog articles that I was trading e-mails with Dave Logan, one of the authors of Tribal Leadership, about the Tribal Agility articles I wrote for my website last month. This discussion turned into some articles getting republished on the CultureSync Website! To see where you can access the articles on their site, I invite you to read on!

CultureSync republished the triad articles called €œAn Introduction to Triads€ and How to build triads on your agile team€ as part of the Advanced Tools in the Toolbox section of their website.

In the Community Tools of the Toolbox section of their website, they also graciously added a direct link to the €œIdentifying the stage of your agile team†article on this website.

Thank you Dave and Becca! I look forward to collaborating more with CultureSync in the coming weeks and months!