In my blog post where I wrote about the continuation of my Tribal Leadership journey, I wrote about how I felt out of sync with my existing leadership declaration. My triad mates recently updated their declarations and it reminded me of the necessity to take the time to update mine. To see how this new declaration came to life and what it became, I encourage you to read on.

I signed up my son for catechesis classes a few weeks ago and we had our first parent-child class last weekend. It was an opportunity for interesting discussions with my eight-year old son and at one point, we needed to look over a list of values and put three we shared in a drawing of a house. I enjoyed having this discussion with my son and hearing values that are important to him.

At the end of the class, I started reflecting on core values that I would inspire me in my leadership declaration. I started scribbling words in my notebook and my son would take the occasional peak and ask me what I was doing and why I was writing these words. He asked me the meaning of these words for me so I took the time to explain each of them and remove those that did not inspire me as much. The outcome of this exercise was identifying my three core values.

My strongest value is “Passion“ because try I live my life as passionately as I can. People that see me in a professional or personal context will tell you they can feel that I love what I do. Even in stressful professional situations, I try to find ways to make the difficult moments enjoyable too.

The next value that resonated with me strongly is “€œDedication“€. I always strive to do my best at everything that I do. I demand greatness from the people that I coach but I lead by example by demanding greatness from myself and seeing things through. I strive not to give up in the middle of a project especially when people depend on me. I do not give up on people that ask for my help and I support them so they can be successful in their endeavor. I am also very dedicated to my close friends and family and to do whatever I need to do to support them as much as possible.

The final value that I identified was “Integrity“€. My word is my bond and I take much pride in doing what I say I am going to do. I strive to be honest, forthcoming and true to my values even when it leads to uncomfortable situations. Sometimes, living values such as this is not easy and fun but I try to live this value none the less.

In a leadership declaration, identifying your core values is not enough, you also need to declare your noble cause. This led me to reflect on the conversations I have with the people I work with as well as the people or teams I coach and how I try to support them.

The first thing I identified was “€œhelping people identify their own greatness” and I live this in a couple of ways. The first is when supporting colleagues that ask for help or people that I am coaching to deliver greatness. The key success factor is for them to feel the greatness resulted from their efforts and not from me redoing their work. The second way this comes out is when helping teams or individuals see they can change their ways and be successful in what they do. Finally, it comes out when I help my kids identify their greatness in everything they do.

The next thing I identified was “€œhelping people live their lives passionately“. For some odd reason, I often find myself getting into mini-coaching sessions with complete strangers on the commuter train. In these instances, I try to help them identify what they are passionate about in their own lives or discover how to make their work life more enjoyable.

So putting it all together, let me proudly introduce my new Leadership declaration:

My core values are passion, dedication and integrity, serving a noble cause of helping others discover the greatness within themselves and live their lives passionately.