As I talked about briefly in my last blog entry, I’m currently working on a book with the IBM QSE Scrum Community and two colleagues at IBM. After many months of… negotiations… beggingcollaboration… oh god, I’m at a loss for words to describe what we’ve been through to be able to get this available to people. One day, I should blog about this. But finally, today… July 23rd 2009… The day is finally here when we can publish our chapters online and make them available for external feedback.

So about the book… This has been so much fun to work on. I’ve improved my writing a lot since the beginning of the year working on this and I’ve learned so much about the process of writing and getting published. This book gives some practical tips on how to scale Scrum for distributed teams based on experiences from folks inside Big Blue. If you want to read some of our current draft chapters, you can visit the website for the book at Please feel free to send us feedback or stories. We look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts on our work before we get it published.

We’re aiming to get a draft out to our publisher soon, so the chapters will only be available for a limited time.