On Saturday October 23rd, I spoke at the AgileTour Montreal conference. I did my “€œEffective Collaboration during a Sprint”€ talk translated to French. Did I live up to my promise of the previous blog post? How did it go? To find out, you need to read on…

In the last episode of “€œSteffan does a public talk @€“ Agile Montreal edition”€, I did a dry run of the talk I intended to present at this conference. Unfortunately, it did not go as well as I hoped and I ran through my talk in record time. On Saturday, I did not want this to happen to me again, so I translated all the slides to French and took some time to add notes with more key points and stories.

When I went to the conference on Saturday morning, I drove to the downtown location. I HATE driving in downtown Montreal but it seemed simple enough to drive there so I took a chance to save some commuting time. I made a poster the week before to help promote the “€œPractical Guide to Distributed Scrum”€ book I co-wrote with some IBMers last year, so I brought that along as well.

I presented at this conference last year as well and I want to give some credit to the organizers for the event this year. They organized the event last year as well, but this year, they took it up a few notches and everything was great! I am sure they have war stories for both years that I do not know about, but the event looked very professional this year. They should be proud of what they did!

There were four simultaneous tracks this year, sold out the event with 300 registered participants. The cool thing about this event is the $50 cost makes it affordable for the day. Last year, they was also a sell out with 200 participants.

I was presenting in a room with around seventy seats. When I presented last year, I was speaking in the same time slot as Scott Ambler and got about 15-20 attendees. This year, another heavyweight was presenting in the same time slot as me so I was anxious about getting a small crowd. I think I ended with between 60 and 70 people there which made it one of my largest crowds.

I lent my presentation clicker to another presenter, Joe Little, for his session (just before mine in another room), so I got a bit nervous when my session was ready to go and I had no clicker! Fortunately, Joe came running to save the day!

The talk itself went extremely well, I had a very good time going through it. Everything flowed smoothly. I had many false starts because people kept coming in the room every time I tried to start. Once that stopped, the ninety minutes flew by. The attendees asked a few questions and seemed interested throughout the talk. When I saw the crowd, it primed me up and I wanted to do well.

During lunch, the organizers were drawing some prizes, so I offered them a couple of copies of “€œA Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum”€ to give away at the same time. I think they call this marketing!

I think am getting due to create another presentation deck. This talk served me well this year, but there is more stuff to talk about. When I have time, I will write about my new presentation decks, maybe even give some before and after shots! The new style is fun, but it makes it much more difficult to present because I have nowhere to hide if I do not know what I am talking about.

To those who came to my talk, thank you! I really appreciated it and I had a great time presenting for you! Hopefully you picked up an interesting tidbit or two!