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Develop your agile mindset – Web and PHP Magazine

This article originally appeared in the February 2013 edition of Web and PHP magazine and is republished with permission.

On Scrum projects, teams talk about delivering a working increment of functionality every sprint but what does this mean exactly?  Do teams need to deliver to a production environment every sprint?  This may work for maintenance projects, but what does this mean for new projects starting from scratch?  What kind of teams do you need to build increments of functionality every sprint?  In this article, we will discuss cross functional teams, increments of functionality and minimum feature sets.

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Finish multiple projects faster – Web and PHP Magazine

This article originally appeared in the December 2012 edition of Web and PHP magazine and is republished with permission.

Many web design firms work on too many projects simultaneously.  When these firms start using agile software development practices, it forces them to look for different solutions to develop and meet the needs of their customers.  This article presents ideas to consider if you want your web development teams to focus on one project at a time.

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Spending some time provoking leadership

I miss my website! I went on a bit of a tear last fall writing about Tribal Agility. I will complete the series, I have more posts to put up on the topic. If it seems quiet here, it is because I spent much of the month of January writing either for Web and PHP Magazine or the new website of my TL Approval Process at! Our goal on that site, is to write articles to provoke leadership around us. If you are curious, I invite you guys to come and read my posts there as well, you will find different style of Steffan that is a bit more edgy. This site will continue to live on, there is more Tribal Agility coming in the next few weeks!

Republished on the CultureSync website!

I mentioned in one of my blog articles that I was trading e-mails with Dave Logan, one of the authors of Tribal Leadership, about the Tribal Agility articles I wrote for my website last month. This discussion turned into some articles getting republished on the CultureSync Website! To see where you can access the articles on their site, I invite you to read on!

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Remembering what makes me Batman…

I spent three days at the CultureSync Leadership Unleashed last week and the time I spent here impacted me in some scary ways. In one session, we spoke about the Batman effect and used that story to help us identify our great gift. My great gift was something I did not expect and this had a strong effect on me this week. To learn more about the Batman effect and the impact of learning my gift, I invite you to read on.

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